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  1. Really? I was going to say the opposite. Based one those, I think I do too.
  2. I hope you're right, but my concern is that no-one is going to say it's stunning.
  3. Absurdly so, especially when you think about what constituted a hot hatch 'back in the day'. I read somewhere that the new supra won't be a cheap car, so my point was that if the asking price is 'high', then you'd expect a differentiating level of performance from 'cheaper' cars. To negate this for me, the car would have to be stunning and I think that's my biggest concern. Obviously we won't know for sure until the camo is off but some of the renderings are meh. Conversely, the trade off with the GT-R is that I'm ok with it looking a bit meh because of it's performance levels.
  4. I think the expectation was/is that a new supra would be quick(ish). There are plenty of cars that are quick and drive well. For the rumoured cost, I don't think being able to keep up with, or just about beat, a hot hatch will cut the mustard. Especially when one of the core aspects of the mkiv (how stunning it was) is seemingly not going to carried over. I'm disappointingly underwhelmed at present; but I hope I'm wrong and it is more than just a faster GT86.
  5. Thanks, pal. £550 with Flux, but that’s with limited mileage. 4K miles a year off the top of my head.
  6. 2006 when the journey started. Not _phonic. Car has gone down south to warmer climes
  7. He's a forum member. He also has plans for the car, including a 6 speed conversion.
  8. Car now sold. Sad day for me watching it drive off, but it's gone to a good home and likely to be used a lot more now.
  9. It think the price is competitive but fair. It's got candy paint, which has a few chips etc. now given age, particularly the front bumper, which cannot be easily repaired. Plus it's CAT C which knocks a few quid off, but don't get me wrong, there's a lot of car for the money there.
  10. I've still got it. Took advert down on PH over winter after getting the run around from someone I gave 'first refusal to'. Not doing that again. Going to put the advert back up in a couple of weeks when I return from hol. If you're interested feel free to drop me a PM however. For info car has now got MOT until Dec 2018 Car was serviced earlier this year at which point it got a new set of rear discs and pads.
  11. I've seen your car a few times. It's a lovely example it's only the past year or so I've seen other Supras around our neck of the woods. Gaining something of a following!
  12. Car is now on pistonheads: https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/toyota/supra/1998-aerotop-gt35r-single-turbo-500bhp/7796232
  13. I'm not so sure about buying cheap. You've got a funky lamp out of it.
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