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  1. I'm late to the party on this one Paul, but I can tell you that there is a buzzer in that car and it worked fine while I had it. Gotta be an easy fix to get it buzzing again.....
  2. A Singer Supra would be very interesting......
  3. depends how its being advertised (if its already in the UK) It could be priced as 'ex VAT' or 'inc VAT'. If its not clear, then it may be worth asking. (of course, thats just normal VAT and nothing to do with import tax & duty)
  4. why would you think you have to pay import VAT from Northern Ireland? Its part of the UK.
  5. buy a e9* M3. Lovely V8 noise, and a little cheaper to run.
  6. stick some photos up fella...
  7. Reduced to £16,750 (I know, its unlikely it will sell on a Supra forum but you never know.......) :-)
  8. I used to have an Evo, running at 355bhp. Thirsty car, and servicing every 4.5k miles Great, great fun and very capable car. Agree that lancerregister is the place you want to be for the low down.
  9. Hi all, I'm putting my E93 M3 up for sale. 64k miles (will increase as used daily). Jerez black with fox red leather interior. MOT until April 2019. Manual gearbox Full service history, with last service completed in August. This was the large service consisting of spark plugs, oil & filter, 4 x cabin filters. At the same time I had the throttle actuators replaced and these have a lifetime guarantee (this was a £1k bill). The actuators hadn't become faulty but were at the miles where failure becomes more likely, so it was preventative maintenance. I also had the two outstanding safe
  10. Rod bearings seem to be overhyped as failures on these, especially when compared to the M5 V10 motor. You're right about the throttle actuators though, had mine replaced last week :-(
  11. have you considered the 4ltr V8 M3 as an alternative? Maybe more of a 'sports car' than the M5?
  12. Due to a new telly, I'm selling my exisiting set up. Its a Panasonic Viera 50" Plasma TV with built in freeview HD and is 1080p HD (model is TX-P50S30B). Its about three years old and works exactly as it should. Also included is a Panasonic soundbar with wireless subwoofer (review at the following site... https://www.avforums.com/review/panasonic-sc-htb680-soundbar-review.11071 ) As the soundbar is also Panasonic it can link to the TV using the in built 'Viera Link' meaning the volume can be adjusted using the main TV remote. Collection only, from St. Albans (Hertfordshire) £200 for
  13. looking forward to watching this one. I watch the Jay Leno stuff every week on youtube and find them very good (mostly) Will be interesting to get his views on the Supra.....
  14. Nah, no paperwork for the ECU repair (although I didn't pay for it due to being under warranty, I seem to recall Jurgan saying it was several hundred pounds). I thought that was a bit odd for him to pay that much as I'm fairly sure a replacement 2nd hand unit can be got for much less. I have a feeling it didn't show up on a code scan as it was a faulty ECU rather than a faulty sensor. My suggestion would be to scan first. If nothing shows up, see if you can borrow a members trac ecu and plug it in to see if it cures the issue. If it does, give Jurgan a call about the warranty on the unit. If
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