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  1. Have a great time tonight folks!!!!. Been quite a while since I posted. Im sure lots of things have happened so will slowly play catch up reading through the updates. Anyone know if my old supra is still around?
  2. This is what happened to me last year? there was a bright side though:search: I made "sky news":D & got a new car due to the inside damage:p
  3. TT-DEK

    Laid off.

    Gutted for you !!. Hope things get better for asap.
  4. ********** NOW SOLD************** Any body interested in this signed Warriors shirt before I bang it on Ebay? Signed by first team 2008 season:) I was at a sportsmans evening, got leathered, & ended up going home with this:blink: oh dear!!!!! :d
  5. Will probably turn up for drinks after your meal:p Be rude to before I take it, it is the Wiggin Tree? on the 5th:)
  6. You doing overtime buddy!!! Keep them pennies coming in buddy, soon be crimbo:p
  7. Will insert better pics of engine BAY soon!!
  8. Should av got one? You either love em, or hate em!!
  9. TT-DEK

    miss my supra

    HI BUd!, check the supra classified on the front page:) Take a look at mine, now theres a good one :D
  10. Thanks Mike. You never know, Im sure I,ll turn up somewhere? I may call over to the xmas do as mentioned for a few scoops:innocent: shandys that is:innocent:
  11. class !!!! :rlol: however I am not one of these who offer to help:D
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