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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

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GT5 supra league! Once a week Supra Race/League
  1. What's new in this club
  2. 1. Big-J-Fizzle (fizzle) 2. Stocksyndrom28_4 (Richard Stock) 3. finelicker (pistonbroke) 4. Gaz6002 (Gaz6002) 5. suck-my-plums (add heywood) 6. probrox (probrox) 7. INTEGRAted81 (Ian W) 8. optim8 (optim8) 9. Raithmir (Thorin) 10.JamesSupra 11.JaKe_ThE_rIpPeR_ (black_widow87) 12.Shaun007 (SupraShaun) 13.Ritch1985 (Richie1985) 14.Bobbeh 15.The-Milkybarkid (scottc998) 16.Smuttster (Supra Size Me) 17.Hadyn79 (hadyn) 18.Opiumlust ( Darron Q 19. suprafogg 20. JnrEast21 21. Rob_boi1 (RobD) 22. EdHunterR (roberta) 23. RobSheffield80 24. alan3579 25. effort2810 (neo2810) 26. SupraUninc (2JG) 27. SupraWez (wez) 28. imish (imi) 29. warbaslice (hackin&bashin) 30. penguin442 (penguin) 31. ethan111990 (jay_NW) 32. GazB3864 (GazB) 33. dave-m53 34. DodgyRog 35. SteveoMKIVSupra (supra steveo) 36. Stephendjb 37. Fitz_1989 (Fitz) 38. bob-big (Graham S) 39. bobzki (Robzki) 40. supra-stu (stu861) 41. mikey boy 42.AJI (aji2009 on PS3)
  3. Hey dudes, I've got a SUV/Pick-up thingy if anyone needs it. It's got big HP so easily won all the races I used it for.
  4. Bought a used Castrol Toms Supra '01 if anybody wants to borrow it for the weekly races?
  5. It's usually on a Sunday. Race practice/join lobby from 8 and then race start at 8:30
  6. anyone got a rz supra i can have / trade / swap???
  7. I could do with a car to do the formula gt in extreme if anyone has one that I could lend
  8. Shame I didn't look on here yesterday bid or you couldve had mine, sold it now!
  9. anyone have a pickup truck i can borrow to complete the amature class?
  10. I've bought a NASCAR now bud ta, just need a decent race car to do the 2nd like the wind race! Managed to do the first with the veyron but it's useless on the second race
  11. I need a race car and a NASCAR for the extreme races, I'll pay to borrow both helpppp
  12. For anyone interested here are the firewall rules I had to apply to make it work :- udp: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070 & 50100 tcp: 5223 & 10070-10080
  13. Looks like my damn firewall is blocking at the moment, just looking into what ports need forwarding
  14. I have sent you a friend request as you don't appear in my list
  15. It would be good to have a " how to" guide here, if members are stuck on a event/race etc or would like to know what other cars members have used to do a certain event/race etc
  16. How about a code section for people to post/exchange codes that unlock different features
  17. Do we have to add everyone as friends to be able to race?
  18. does any one have a car i can use in the historic race, in expert series? under 1000kg over 700bhp!!
  19. Okay, under community I have nothing? Assuming you're the host, there's nothing there relating to you?
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