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This group is for NA-T owners as a source of information as well as to allow you to quickly contact each other with questions & requests for help regarding your turbo converted NA.
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  2. Thread revival, I have recently purchased an XSpower turbo kit. they have a 2020 kit with strengthen manifold. I place an order request via email on a Sunday, they responded same day managing to get an order raised, the complete kit arrived 8 days later. I has asked several questions since which they have promptly replied. I have been happy with customer service to-date. i am in process of building engine will update later in the year with how kit runs. Total cost, inc delivery and taxes was approx £1600.
  3. I'd post up on the forum mate. Not many uk boys use holset from what I've seen
  4. Hi guys looking for a turbo for my na-t build, and was just wondering if anyone know anything about the holset h1e turbo or if anyone is running it, pros and cons. Cheers
  5. Has anyone got a diagram for fitting the vacuum pipes on a na t mkiv supra.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get a plug and play harness for an emanage ultimate I have the universal harness but not very confident with the wiring it in can anyone help it is for a (non vvti) and automatic.
  7. Evening guys looking for some advice regarding my na-t build I've got almost everything I need to start the build I've been collecting parts for the past year and I'm almost at the point I can make a start I just have a few questions I need answers too. I'm wanting to run a ffim however I'm struggling to get my head around all the vacuum pipes has anyone got any pics that could help me out ?.Secondly I'm auto what will i need to do with the kick down cable coming from the gearbox? Also whats the recommend number for setting the base timing ive seen people mention 7 degrees btdc up to 10 degrees btdc I'll be using a piggyback standard na head gasket running low boost 7psi any help will be much Appreciated.
  8. turbo Mani%old Oil feed Oil return Wastegate with screamer pipe Intercooler Universal intercooler pipe kit Loads of hose journals Downpipe Would benifit from 3" exhaust ECU Injectors ideally TT Headgasket would be advisable Whilst heads off get a headset kit and change valve stems etc Boost controller AFR gauge Fuel pump Rough list for you
  9. Hi there I want to convert my N/A supra to turbo and I know how much effort has gone into every build on here, can anyone help me with a full parts list needed to convert so that I can start the project in the autumn.
  10. Do you need it then welded to the intake ??
  11. Managed to get another 2 from them, had to send them one to match them too though took a while but well worth it for a set of reconditioned and flow matched injectors. I've got a set of 6 7mgte injectors for sale though if your interested
  12. Managed to get another 2 from them, had to send them one to match them too though took a while but well worth it for a set of reconditioned and flow matched injectors. I've got a set of 6 7mgte injectors for sale though if your interested
  13. N/A-T-ers with OE Auto or Hybrid A340E transmission may be interested in this? http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/group.php?discussionid=229&do=discuss
  14. So if I am going piggy back I have to keep standard one as well
  15. How did this ever go I am looking for new injectors
  16. Just got my car converted to na-t, my last step was to wire in the piggyback which is DET3 ecumaster, now i plugged it in the car cuts off as soon as i touch the throttle and it struggles to start, wheras before the det3 was in the car started fine and no hassle with it, i tried to contact ecumaster but no reply, anyone on here used one of them piggybacks before?
  17. I have updated the Transmission Group thread to include all part numbers and courtesy of bluesonic94 & Delboy52 also added several pretty pictures. To save me posting-posting & editing-editing 2 threads, just click the link. http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/group.php?discussionid=215&do=discuss
  18. Cheers, I'll add that to the other thread.
  19. so the three bolts required are Part No. T90110-14003 and are £3 each from Whifbitz...
  20. It's like feeding baby birds. As soon as another member has washed his hands from fitting one of these and pm's to me pics of how to and the part number will be posted here. http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/group.php?discussionid=215&do=discuss Or alternatively, you could take a peep at Toyodiy and let me/us know?
  21. Great idea David! Don't suppose you know the part number for the bolt do you?
  22. T.T's. have an extra diff mount in the rear sub-frame which prevents the extra torque twisting the diff and causing issues with oil seals and drive cup splines. The O.E. bush costs an arm and a leg and is a PITA to fit, alternatively, this aftermarket bush is a quarter of the price and easier to fit. It doesn't come with the Allen bolt needed to fit it, but Mr T. sells these for £2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POLYURETHANE-Rear-diff-mount-rear-bush-TOYOTA-Supra-93-02-/172497898857?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  23. Had a good look around lately to upgrade my injectors, a friend of mine has a starlet GT and bought some 460cc replacements for his build but now is going a different route. They are identicle to mine so im sourcing 2 more from the supplier, much easier then looking around for a set of 6 rx7's then getting them tested etc. The company is http://www.osidetiger.com I think they are rx7's but they come tested and to whatever spec your after, ill let you know how they perform.
  24. How did you guys get on with the maps? Im about a week away of needing one myself if anyone can help? Just nice to have it drivable to a rolling road
  25. I thought the xs kits were good for 350 on standard injectors or would that be pushing 330's to their limit?
  26. Has anyone else had this problem car stalls on idol and sometimes driving when I back off. Only finished Nat build about a month ago I'm pretty sure it's the idol control valve is this a common problem guys. Is it a coincidence or do the standard ones not like boost ?
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