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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

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A group to discuss and share hints/tips on digital photography. From compacts to full blown DSLRs and how to work on photos on PC/Mac
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  2. As a noob photographer, what could i do in PS (of any variation) that i couldnt do elsewhere? Im interested really in HDR pics.
  3. I have recently purchased an EOS550D with 18-55 and 55-200 lenses Absolutely awesome, even though im a total beginner, i didnt want to have to upgrade However, average pic size is over 5MB and most online image hosting is maxed to 5MB Anyone know of any free/inexpensive software?
  4. *likes this* I may actually set this as my desktop at work tomorrow if that's ok. Maybe we should in fact have a thread where someone takes a shot and notes done settings such as DOF/aperture/ f.stop and then adjusts one slightly to show effects?
  5. This picture is to show a small DOF/wide aperture/low f.stop number
  6. I don't know what i'm supposed to do in here, but here's a picture of a snowman i made
  7. Ok wow, we have 3 members now, hopefully that'll grow. Hoping people can link here suggestions of basic topics they'd like to have a good online link to i.e. Depth of Field Aperture Shutter speed Exposure ISO White Balance Historgrams Recommended Camera review site Recommended software review site Recommendations on where to buy etcn Recommended software i.e PS / Lightroom / Aperture Shooting settings Post production effects If you have a link with a really good guide then hopefully we can start drawing something up. I'm assuming here that most people will want to be shooting their cars on here and so will want advice on that sort of thing.
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