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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

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Collection of the best looking supras of Mkisupra.net. One pic of each, picture by nomination only
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  2. Not sure what the protocol is here? If my pic shouldn't be posted up front, let me know and I will remove it
  3. First you cant vote yourself in you plank!!!!! Secondly its just one pic per car double plank!!! FFS - i'd be grateful if you would just remove those pics as your turning this into a farse
  4. some one can vote me i not mind lol .......... well if i knew how to i would
  5. Whitesupraboys Ablung it is then
  6. i reckon Whitesupraboy2's Abflug should get a mention here. maybe not to everyones taste but its very well done. and absolutely stunning IMO
  7. Maybe, but there's only us two posting
  8. People are going to think there is foul play going on here mate!! all above board tho!
  9. you cant just stick your own car in mate!! lol But go one then, i nominate marc p as veilside hotty
  10. I nominate marc_p for best veilside
  11. If someone nominates you, they certainly...
  12. First pics to go in (nominations): Supragold JamiePs old supra Gamers Waynes Gaz1's Stick one pic in each chaps
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