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Anything to do with NA powered Supras - from dyno results to modifications
  1. What's new in this club
  2. thanks for the help, really has gave me some good ideas
  3. Sam, You might find 'my garage' of interest! David
  4. Might try to find one of Nics then, i know the MVP needs bashing to fit.
  5. I know Nic's manifold fits Dunno about the MVP one. Nic's was the only one that cleared the steering column when he started doing them.
  6. Any one clued up on the difference between the MVP and Nics manifold.
  7. thanks : means alot to me, hope to see you at one of the meetings
  8. The best mode what you can get is under http://mkivsupra.net/vbb/search.php
  9. hello, can you please help as i am new to the site. what is the best way to get more power out of my na supra? many thanks:)
  10. Hi everyone! As for now I'm running Nics manifold exhaust + Blitz nur spec S, got LSD and loads of fun on the corners ;]
  11. Why did you remove it after only 60 miles?
  12. http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?t=204633
  13. Hello, Just joined the group. I am modifying an N/A engine, and have started an album in my profile of work completed so far. The engine has done 60k and it is usual for around 20 of the horses to have escaped by this time, so assuming a start figure of around 200bhp. It would be nice to get her up to 280, which would be 300 on a new motor. However, it is my everyday car and want to gain economy also, so focussing modifications on efficiency. I will update the album as I go, want her on the rollers before Christmas. Feel free to take a peep. David
  14. Can I have a Burger please Ray, without a two hour delay.
  15. Guest

    NA Power!

    Only meeeeee................
  16. Welcome to the club Animal. I picked mine up today. Seems to run OK, I want to get it on a Dyno as it doesn't feel all that powerful (I might just be used to it). The steering is a lot heavier than it was, possibly something to do with the fact I now have a Facelift engine and ECU.. I'm not sure I like it.
  17. You getting a discount Animal? Seeing as Hoff's engine is 3rd hand haha
  18. Well, mine goes into Chris Wilsons a week Saturday for it's NA-NA swap. I'm getting Hoff's NA motor, low miles, and hopefully not as many dead horses.
  19. Well I had a think about it, and decided to join the NA-NA club. I'll have a reliable car one of these days!
  20. Cyclinder 5 not holding pressure, my engine is knackered.
  21. White car is poorly again. I took it to Silverstone Garage as there wasn't much I could do to troubleshoot, turns out it's an 'exhaust misfire' rather than an engine misfire. Suspected sticky valve, which would be a head off or engine swap (apparently an engine swap would be cheaper!) so I may just end up flogging the car.. we'll see!
  22. As you can see the turbo fouls the dizzy cap so I got a toyota 4runner one and fitted it today. Old vs new
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