1. 1996 TT6

    1. Description
      Engine Specifications:
      • Standard, with original air box.

      Turbocharger & Induction:
      • Stock twin turbo

      Fuel, Tuning & ECU:
      • Standard

      • 3.75" HKS

      • 6 Speed manual

      Weight Reduction & Transfer:
      • N/A

      Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
      • BBS RZ standard brakes

      Interior & ICE:
      • Leather front, UK MP3/hands free set upgrade

      • Standard with UK spec bonnet scoop and aerofoil added

      • Max power - 330bhp @ rear hubs
      • Max torque - ??? lb/ft
      • Max speed - 157 mph
      • 0-60 - ?.? seconds

      Ownership history
      Imported in 1998 and I became the UK second owner, also in 1998. Nothing modded or changed since then, car still looks the same in 2018 as it did in 1998. Same wheels to same paint. Its proved bullet proof with only one non service item failing, a holed a/c condenser in 2003. Full service history car with a full set of MOT certificates.

      It was the only car, daily driver in the early years of ownership doing 12k miles a year but has since 2003 been a second car to a car amongst many so that the annual mileage from 2015 is only a few hundred per year.

      The car underwent a comprehensive refurbishment underside in 2017 with a galvanized sub frame and all new OE bushes and arms fitted while they could still be purchased from Toyota. All wheel bearings were also changed as well as roll bars, links etc. The underside was rust treated whilst the rear frame was off the car and painted with POR 15.

      Scheduled for Spring 2019 is a complete change of the front suspension arms, bushes, links and roll bar. The dust shields, 4 new Toyota Bilstein shocks and wheel bearings were replaced in 2016 so once complete the car will be driving as a new car would.

      Not very often on show these days, usually garaged, but it did attend the club stand at NEC classic car show in 2016.
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      After a brush and scrub 2013 2013 2013 Engine bay - Stock even with an air box! Leather seat (front) interior NEC classic car show Birmingham 2016 November 2017 - Underside refurb. Galvanised sub frame, new OE arms and bushes November 2017 - HKS Hipower Racing exhaust fitted
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