1. 1999 RZ Jap Spec GT4088R 6 speed manual (603bhp)

    1. Description
      Engine Specifications:
      Intepro rebuild 2007 including rebore
      ARP Rods/Bolts
      Pauter conrods
      CP Pistons
      TRD Thermostat/rad cap
      Turbocharger & Induction:
      Garrett GT4088R, .95 AR
      Stage 1 PHR induction
      Boostlogic manifold
      Greddy 3 row intercooler
      PHR uprated alternator
      Fuel, Tuning & ECU:
      OMEX 710 standalone ECU
      PHR stage 1 fuelling
      twin Walbro fuel pumps
      740 injectors
      Blitz Nur spec, full decat
      Sports cat
      Getrag 6 speed
      RPS Triple Carbon Clutch and flywheel
      Stock LSD
      Weight Reduction & Transfer:
      Ashtray emptied!
      Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
      Tein Flex and EDFC
      grooved/drilled front and rear discs
      redstuff pads
      UK Spec calipers
      Do-luck braided lines
      18 inch falcons/ pirelli
      Interior & ICE:
      Kenwood DNX-8220BT head unit
      Genesis Profile 5 amp
      Infinity Kappa front component
      Kappa rears and sub in custom box
      defi egt & boost gauge in twin A pillar
      defi link meter
      AEM AFR Gauge
      Gredddy turbo timer
      Road Angel 2
      EDFC controller
      TRD Steering wheel and knob
      Dash rings
      Leather seats
      Option stock skirts and spats
      do-luck mk1 nosecone
      Glass lights with original facelift internals
      Engine dress
      Rear plate surrounds
      12.17 secs 1/4 mile
      411bhp on .9 bar boost
      603bhp on 1.55 bar boost
      swapped at the press of a button
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      on the track on the strip forged internals in the garage under the hood on the road on the strip (2) with some friends on the strip (3) on the track (2) on the track (3)
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      mark newman nice I would like that button. 19-05-09
      JODY T its an awsome car... love it 08-11-07
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