1. 1994 SZ Aerotop - Mods

    1. Description
      Mods are highlighted in italics

      Engine Specifications:
      • Stock Soarer 4.0 1UZ-FE, with hydraulic fan pump removed and replaced with an LS400 idler

      Turbocharger & Induction:
      • N/A

      Fuel, Tuning & ECU:
      • Soarer ECU with Stock NA Supra Fuel Pump and ECU

      • Custom Stainless Steel 2-to-1

      • LS430 6-Speed automatic transmission, shimmed
      • TT A02B Limited Slip/TORSen Diff
      • Combination of SC430 and TT Propshafts
      • Cruise Control
      • Spitronics Automatic Transmission Controller

      Weight Reduction & Transfer:
      • Swapping the 2JZ-GE for a 1UZ-FE saved approx. 70 kg (dry weight)

      Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
      • Stock Black Suspension and Springs (I believe)
      • LS400 (UCF20) 4-piston front calipers (refurbished) with Blueprint discs and Mintex pads and stock J-Spec rear calipers (refurbished) with Mintex discs and pads
      • 19" Jade-R alloy wheels with 235/35/19s at the front (with 5 mm spacers to clear the calipers) and 265/35/19s at the rear

      Interior & ICE:
      • GZ-spec sound system with stock amp under passenger seat (factory fitted, now back in operation)
      • Mutant Euphony 6.5" component speakers at the front, Fly 6.5" 3-way speakers in the rear
      • Pioneer AVIC-F9770DAB Head unit
      • Stock cloth seats at the front with stock leatherette seats at the rear
      • Steering wheel from a 7th generation Celica with a (modified) Supra cruise control stalk
      • Mercedes AMG Paddle Shifters
      • Rear windows tinted

      • Stock body kit
      • S2000 Stubby Aerial
      • Smoked side repeaters
      • Facelift headlight units
      • 6K HID Dipped beams
      • Facelift indicator/sidelight units
      • LED Sidelights
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      At the 20th Anniversary Meet Cruise control motor fitted Original look New look Stubby Aerial & Smoked Side Repeaters 1994 SZ Aerotop - Mods - Photo 24158 1994 SZ Aerotop - Mods - Photo 24159 1994 SZ Aerotop - Mods - Photo 24160 1994 SZ Aerotop - Mods - Photo 24161 After my 1UZ conversion was completed and Jade-Rs fitted
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