1. The Coolest Supra ..... in the World :)

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      Like my Supra - these pages are under constant development

      2JZA80-GZE HHO H2O/CH3OH M-A340E-GTE/GE A01B
      Supercharged Hydrogen/Oxygen Water/Methanol Manualised TT/NA Hybrid Transmission Torsen
      is coming along nicely

      Click thumb-nails for full-size pics/info - cam-clips - active links

      (Green text = work remaining)

      MANU = Manaulised mode - O/D OFF = Sport mode
      TC Lock-up 1st 2nd 3rd OD

      ................. HHO Album ......... Supercharger Album

      Evolution Album .............

      The Supra is my only car and after each day of tinkering it must be a runner

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      Retrofit active spoiler Angel-Eye LED side-lights & in-headlamp indicators Really looks the business in one of my favourite pics Antipodean Cooper vents Supersucker Ready to fit Busy at the back Shiny and Bright Drivers eye view Oil filter relocation The Monsters Fist Tostie in 10 layers of wrap Brrroom! Twin Jag X300 pre rads A343/0E Hybrid Twin Jag X300 pre-rads Gauge pods Odyssey Racing 30 - rear mounted battery A343/0E Hybrid Suprastick V4.6 Standalone Transmission ECU Belt-idler bracket Cool Sucker Gas-flowed runners 2012  Calendar March :) TIG Stig Bespoke tensioner fitted Manifold Support Bracket Twin hydrogen generators C.W. suspension, TRD ARB, DBA 5k discs, U.K. calipers, Porterfield pads, Do-luck lines & new wishbones C.W. suspension, DBA 4k discs, U.K. calipers, Porterfield pads, Do-luck lines, TRD ARB & new wishbones Blue Bell End Gasket-matched inlet-ports Lexus IS250 paddle gear-changers T.T. N/A Hybrid clear cover Ground in situ - The Holy Grail Stance PAS pump suppport Supercharged for a day ICV safety mesh Bullet Proof ICV Before & after Mk2 swirl-pot & modular fit Busy at the back. Rebuilding Mad Max Supercharged Mad Max in it? It's getting cleaner The new bonnet begins The Superchargespeed Bonnet is born Superchargespeed bonnet New charger gets new nose New Charger Bulled-Up Winter Tyres New Eaton M112 Gen IV supercharger Nice and shiny The Supercharged Wave @ Warp 2.8 Fuelab Regulator Adjustable two-piece sky-hook 15lbs boost-bracket Final belt configuration Looks mean when dirty Broom Flasher SARD A-rouse Thunder Pipes Wide-band EUGO sensor TRD Tipronic IS 250 Flappy-Paddled cruise wheel Flappers & Dash Gasket-matched exhaust-port 2JZA80-GE Supercharger kit Pro Alloy water/meth tank 3.8" pulley & max wrap idler 80 litres - 70 litres 3" I.D. tailpipe Emissions - or lack of ! Supracharger Research and Development Workshop Ready for the 1 bar map 1.1 bar boost from before 3k rpm :) Russia road trip, spot my Supra. Autobahn88 upgrade Supurrcharged :) 415bhp & 382 ftlb torque @ flywheel  - chokes @ 6k rpm VVTI coils upgrade :) ERL MF2 Standalone water/methanol ECU Brunters Under the spotlights The best bit Supracharged silhuette Air-flap final fitted Japanese Performance Magazine Japanese Performance Magazine shoot by Dan Sherwood Bottom at Brunters; photograph by Dan Sherwood Bruntingthorpe testing ground - Photograph by Dan Sherwood Q45 on 1UZ adaptor AEM Injector Driver - plugged one end & ready to play at other JDL bonnet extension test fit VVTI coil pack conversion Forge bypass-valve 2JZA80-GE Distributor & MA70-GTE CPS Fluid pressure set to maximum New plate :)
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      Member: David P
      Created: 21-11-09 10:53
      Last Modified: 03-08-18 16:32
      Views: 65946
      Images: 100
      Comments: 32
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      Noz David, closed your YouTube account? Tried looking at the HHO stuff. Hope you're well mate. Car's so awesome! 05-08-19
      Annabella Keep dreaming of s/cing mine - this makes me want to do it, but also says way too expensive for me! Paddle shifting looks immense. Well impressed keep it up. 20-02-16
      David P My Old Girl is Top of the Garage Pops.

      Thank you for your interest.
      nellie1966 David,
      We met at a Northampton meet a while ago, this car is impressive, dedication.
      i keep looking at the threads.

      hope you are enjoying it.
      j_jza80 We see lots of impressive turbo builds on this forum, but it's great to see these cars taken in a different direction.

      This build definitely straddles the line genius and madness.

      Look forward to further developments.
      trebor69 Pure genius and I bow in awe of your talent and craftsmanship. 12-02-14
      David P Now pumping enough air for 500 bhpftlbs yet mapped @ 404.
      Exhaust manifold & distributor Gremlins will soon be evicted.
      Watch this space, it's updated regularly.
      Shane Tibetan horns, bouncy t shirts and soap suds. Yep working on android/chrome. 01-03-13
      David P Thank you for the kind comments and a big thank you to Keron for finding many Supra things wanted for the Project and thanks also to many members sales too. 14-01-13
      keron I remember the day you came over not too long ago with a standard na auto....! iirc you came for an exhaust? then it all went from there! seen this car through all the stages and i am very impressed and David has been a Great customer to have.... Thank you 14-01-13
      Shane Now this garage puts all others to shame! 11-01-13
      Abz Wow, now that is a 'proper' garage! Loads of information and pictures! Though I am not sure you have enough gauges in your car! Very impressive build David 11-01-13
      mwilkinson Wow David - You have more photographs of this build then I have of my entire life. I'm off to speak to my mum!!

      On a serious note this is one hell of a project and garage page, surely there has to be a prize for that?

      This stands out from the crowd. This is truly unique and the skill and engineering alone is amazing.
      LOGIE ive read and re read this a few times now. Its inspiring stuff and true dedication. Well done David. 19-05-12
      Beast of Bomex Well done David! 11-11-10
      David2009 Estimating N/A numbers on here only encourages negative hysteria.
      The HHO kit will arrive soon, then this, the water/meth and the AEM will be installed and on the rollers it goes.
      gazzi123 nice mate - what is the estimated bhp at this point?

      nice to see something modifying a NA without a massive turbo
      David2009 5k views & counting, top N/A banana

      for the encouraging comments
      Miguel Great project, David. It's refreshing to see a different approach being taken. The effort and dedication you have put into this is outstanding. Very much looking forward to seeing future developments. 28-10-10
      Shane Looking very good David, having seen this car in the flesh a few times now I can say this has to be the most re-engineered NA in the UK. Looking forward to seeing the numbers, as I know you are too. 29-08-10
      Neil-NA Christ you have put alot of work inot this car, really hope itpulls some good numbers 26-08-10
      Dyer864 Well after corresponding with Dave over his car, i've got to praise the guy on wot he's trying to achieve on the n/a !!

      The work he's already done is great and i take my hat off to him, one or if not the best n/a modded. i've come across .

      waiting in anticipation for the next chapter ! good luck
      Abz Wow, nearly 4,000 views! Lovely page setup, the car is looking good! Looks like loads of hard work and dedication is going into it, when I spoke to you on the phone, all I could hear was passion & dedication! 23-08-10
      mwilkinson Lots of work appears to have gone into this Dave. I like the idea of the Suprastick. 23-08-10
      Nut Rocker Hi David
      Very pleased to have met you. Car looks amazing. and you have achieved so much. Brilliant.
      David2009 Yes. If I can get it finished and set up in time, will run it too. 17-07-10
      JamieP Bringing the car to suprapod then David? 17-07-10
      ripped_fear nice N/A shows you that you don't have to go TT 16-07-10
      David2009 Thank you for the positive comments.

      It would be nice to see a few more remarks from the thousands of speechless viewings.
      Dyer864 My, you are def. going to town on this mate ! good work, seems alot of dedication and money going into your car ! 27-06-10
      samuel weller one of the best na and all round supras i have seen keep up the good work 12-05-10
      chrispot very nice car keep up the good work 30-04-10
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