1. HKS GT2835 Twin Turbo 6 Speed Manual

    1. Description
      Fastest Standing Mile Supra in UK 198.5mph

      Thunder Road 2010 Winner

      Engine Specifications:
      • 9.5:1 CR
      • 8200rpm Rev Limit
      • JE Custom Pistons
      • Carrilo H Beam Rods with Carr Bolts
      • ACL Race Bearings
      • Titan Billet Main Caps
      • Fully Balanced Internals
      • ARP Main Studs
      • ARP Head Stud Kit
      • HKS 264 Camshafts
      • Ferrea Manganese Bronze Valve Guides
      • Ferrea 1mm Oversized Competition Plus valves
      • Ferrea Valve Seals
      • Ferrea Dual Valve Springs
      • Ferrea Titanium Retainers
      • Ferrea Spring Seat Locators
      • Ferrea Valve Locks
      • SRD Ported & Polished Head
      • SRD Custom Breather System
      • Titan Cam Gear
      • HKS Timing Belt
      • Power Enterprise Serpentine Belt
      • Greddy Pulley Set
      • BL Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket
      • TTC Performance Idler Pulley
      • TTC Performance Water Pump Pully Cover
      • TRD Thermostat
      • TRD Engine Mounts
      • TRD Gearbox Mount
      • Blitz Oil Cooler
      • Aquamist Water Injection
      • PWR Radiator
      • Twin Electric Fans

      Turbocharger & Induction:
      • HKS GT2835 Turbo Kit Water cooled
      • Turbo Spec 52t, .73 AR Hot, .50 AR cold
      • Twin HKS Heat Shields
      • Ceramic Coated and Heat Wrapped Manifold
      • Ceramic Coated Turbo Exhaust Housings
      • Polished Turbo Compressor Housing
      • SRD Custom Intercooler
      • Twin HKS SSQV Dump Valves
      • Veilside Surgetank
      • Veilside 100mm Throttle Body

      Fuel, Tuning & ECU:
      • HKS 1000cc Injectors
      • HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator
      • Twin Walbro Intank Pumps
      • Titan Fuel Pump Hanger
      • Paxton High Flow Fuel Filter
      • SRD Custom Fuel Lines
      • Veilside Fuel Rail
      • AEM EMS
      • 3.5 Bar Map Sensor
      • HKS DLI Twin Power Ignition

      • HKS 4" Titanium Racing Exhaust
      • SRD Custom 4" Midpipe
      • Modified & Heat Wrapped Down Pipe

      • Blitz Twin Plate Clutch
      • TRD Diff
      • Titan Diff Mounts

      Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
      • Tein Type Flex with EDFC
      • 9X19 Trafficstar RTS Front
      • 11X19 Trafficstar RTS Rear
      • 265/30/19 Toyo T1R Front
      • 295/30/19 Toyo R888 Rear
      • Do Luck Rear Cross Bar
      • Do Luck Rear Tension Set
      • Do Luck Floor Support Bars
      • Carbing Rear Strut Brace
      • Carbing Front Strut Brace
      • Hi Spec Mega Monster 6 Pots with 380mm Discs
      • EBC Red Stuff Pads
      • Drilled and Grooved Rear Discs

      Interior & ICE:
      • Recaro Seats
      • Bride Subframes
      • Sparco 4 Point Harnesses
      • Carbing Passenger Foot Plate
      • Trust Shift Knob
      • AEM AFR Gauge
      • Defi Boost Gauge
      • Defi EGT Gauge
      • Defi Oil Temp Gauge
      • Defi Oil Pressure Gauge
      • Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge
      • Defi Water Temp Gauge
      • Defi Tachometer
      • Defi-Link Control Unit II
      • Blitz FATTDC Turbo Timer
      • Alpine IVA-W505R DVD Sceen
      • Alpine NVE-NO99P Navigation
      • HCE-C200R Reverse Camera
      • HCE-C200F Front Camera
      • PXA-H701 Processor
      • SPX-177R Front Speakers
      • SPX-177R Rear Speakers
      • DLB-100R Centre Speaker
      • SWX-1242D Sub
      • PDX-4.150 Amp
      • PDX-1.1000 Amp

      • Full Veilside C2 Body Kit
      • Abflug Rear Spoiler
      • UK spec Bonnet
      • Do Luck Rear Diffuser
      • Facelift Headlights
      • Facelift Rear Lights
      • Facelift Indicators
      • Clear Side Repeaters

      • 970hp 738ftlbs, 825hp & 627ftlbs at the wheels
      • 11.8 @ 128mph, Suprapod 2009
      • 198.5 Standing Mile, Thunder Road 2010
      • Built & Maintained by Supra Racing Developments
      • 07962 171364
      • Mapped by Ryan G 2bartuning

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      Member: Lee P
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      Author Comment Date
      Graham1984 Every time I see your avatar I always wonder how the F'k you made a Veilside kitted car look that good 16-10-14
      westy882 Awesome Supra Lee! What is happening with the car these days!? 12-03-12
      Supralad Very nice mate love it 10-04-11
      karolina She's Gorgeous and one more thing, where's my passenger ride eh? 18-11-10
      Abz You sir have built a mental Supra, this is down in the history books! 14-07-10
      Shez Very nice supra and all the effort you put in shows mate. Amazing engine bay, well done. 16-05-10
      Project Blitz Credit to you mate, Others comments say it all.
      but where is my passenger ride?
      Ricky49 A truely awesome machine you have built there Lee. Look forward to my passenger ride. 18-02-10
      Lee P Thanks Guys 09-02-10
      jevansio What an abosoluetly stunning Supra!!!! 30-01-10
      JamieP Most powerfull car on the forum! 28-01-10
      GazB a piece of art you have there Lee and a credit to your skills 17-11-09
      Mistermann Really quite jealous! i've checked the galleries on the website and they all look stunning...i hope one day that my supra is half as good! 11-11-09
      billy bhoy oh mama to hot to spicey!!!! hot hot 05-10-09
      Luxluc Wow ... incredible engine bay. 17-07-09
      Lee P Thanks, its taken a few years to get there but its almost how I want it.
      Ive had it off the clock in 5th gear.
      nigelboyne hi mate thats pretty close to what i want my uk supra to be any top speed gps readings. glad to see there is still people out there who want and do things properly its a credit to you one of if not the best 04-06-09
      tony tt Fucking Awesome!! 07-05-09
      STU/3LTR/TT very nice,very tidy build,looks very nice. 12-01-09
      JamieP Stunning, engine bay looks a work of art. 04-08-08
      supradibbs A true credit to SRDs workmanship awesome machine 12-02-08
      Chingy Mental performace by SRD. One of the only other Supra's I would have other than mine 10-02-08
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