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Thread: Gt35 or similar and emanage ultimate

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    Gt35 or similar and emanage ultimate

    As above. Looking for a emanage ultimate and a gt35 or similar for my supra. Its na going turbo.

    Its also an auto converted to manual. Still has the original auto ECU

    I'm looking for both parts asap ideally would like too collect. I'm based in West Yorkshire.

    Options for turbo are variable. I want a gt35/hx35 size turbo. My t04z has been put aside as I have a w58 and not sure it will take a bigger turbo.

    Has too be T4 fitment ideally with vband exhaust.

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    Hi I have a gt35 gen one. It made 500 bhp on my MR2 before I swapped it for a g25.

    I'll check the flange this weekend.

    What sort of money you looking to pay

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    You will also need a manual ECU.

    If not, the auto ECU will cut ignition timing when it thinks it is changing gears in the auto box that is no longer there.

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