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Thread: Second Turbo Scream!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shervin_ice View Post
    Yes you are right at some point but mine wasn’t making that noise untill i removed the turbo other day and thats when it start sounds like supercharger ,
    how ever this Friday im going to change both turbos and we will see the result

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    Not before you do my alarm...

    In all seriousness though. I think the cold weather may be contributing to the perishing BOVs as mine has recently started to make a hilarious snorting noise as I come off boost. I have a spare one going in soon so I'm enjoying the mobile entertainment while it lasts...
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    I am currently on my fourth and fifth Supra relapse and desperately searching for a cure from this debilitating condition...

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    Went to SRD and it does seem to be the turbo death whine. My second turbo has excessive up/down movement

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben_harmer32 View Post
    Went to SRD and it does seem to be the turbo death whine. My second turbo has excessive up/down movement

    Role on the hybrids!
    I might have a set
    Uk or jap ?

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