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Thread: 1993 Toyota Supra Aerotop NA Auto Black Jspec

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    1993 Toyota Supra Aerotop NA Auto Black Jspec

    It's so difficult to do that, but it seems the sensible thing to do but I know I will regret it eventually. Owning a Supra has been a childhood dream, and it's been a joy and a blessing that I managed to fulfilled it.
    The Car has not a garage queen but it’s defo been loved .
    I bought her back in 2013 from another forum member and it's been a daily companion ever since, while on my ownership it break down once for what ended up to be a faulty ecu, Ecu has been replaced and the car runs fine ever since.

    so , the technical bits and mods:

    MOT til March 2020
    Part Service History but loads of parts Receipts
    Mileage ODO reads 190000 km

    Engine Specifications:
    3.0 2JZ-GE engine

    Apexi 500-a021 Power Intake kit

    HKS Silent Hi Power Exhaust
    DeCat middle pipe

    A101B Torssen LSD

    Suspension, Wheels & Brakes:
    Cusco Zero2 Coilovers
    Cusco Front Strut Brace
    Cusco Rear Strut Brace
    stainless steel brake-line kit
    TRD UK-Spec 4pot Front Brakes
    Rota G Force 18" Wheels

    Interior & misc:
    Genuine TRD Steering Wheel
    Bride Cuga Seats on custom subframes with heated kit installed
    Pioneer AppRadio 2din Headunit
    Infinity Amp
    White/Red LED Convertion
    Dash Panels Retrimmed in Suede Leather with carbon details
    Custom Black/Red Mats from Callaway Motorsports
    Custom made boot panels
    Carbon fiber radiator cover

    Top Secret Type III Front Bumper (needs Work)
    Clear Indicators
    OEM Sideskirts
    OEM Rear Spats
    OEM Wing (TRD Spoiler with Carbon Blade comes spare with the car)
    Facelift Headlights with PIAA HID Kit & Yellow Foglight bulbs
    Facelift taillights

    GOOD Bits:
    AC maintained recently
    Got serviced a month ago , including oil , oil filter , new water pump , new crank pulley and belt.
    Front Callipers refurbed a year ago .

    BAD bits:
    there is the odd misfire which I haven't been to the bottom of it yet.
    wheels could do with a refurb.

    Considering other adverts of NΑ Aerotops found online and the fact that I am not in a rush to sell my asking Price is 13k ONO
    I never though I would do that so I am open to feedback and comments
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    Lovely looking car. Iím not in the market for one at the moment but if was then this is just up my street

    Black, top secret with red interior and facelift lights
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    That first picture with the snowy landscape is one of the best pictures of a Supra that I‘ve seen in a long time.
    Very nice car GLWS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb View Post
    That first picture with the snowy landscape is one of the best pictures of a Supra that I‘ve seen in a long time.
    Very nice car GLWS!
    I am currently on my fourth and fifth Supra relapse and desperately searching for a cure from this debilitating condition...

    Most notable vehicular history:
    Grey Toyota Supra Big Single VVTi Built Auto Stage 2 // White Toyota Supra TT VVTi 6 Speed - stock...
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    I'm tempted to buy this and drop a TT lump in it...hmmmm
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    Love that !

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    Sorry to see you're selling her Manos. You have really looked after her. She still looks amazing.
    I owned this awesome supra until Manos purchased her. She was a lovely car then and still is now. Manos has always looked after her. Someone will get a very nice Supra.
    Good luck with your sale Manos.

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    Nice fair price as well

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    Nooo I just saw this. Glws Manos. It is a beauty and a loved car.
    Whoever buys this will not be disappointed.

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