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Thread: Power upgrade Advice and Some free bits if anyone has use for them.

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    Power upgrade Advice and Some free bits if anyone has use for them.

    Hi there looking for a single turbo for my 2jz gte. Will have cams, and everything else standard engine wise. Can anyone recommend a turbo for around 650 hp. I have about 1k to spend so need quick spooling turbo. Any links would be greatly appreciated, if any names are suggested can someone please put like the full name of the turbo. I have seen these but not sure about them?

    BorgWarner KKK K28 Spec:

    Large alloy compressor housing with 2.5in inlet and 2in v-band outlet.
    87mm 7+7 blade compressor wheel with 57mm inducer, capable of over 600bhp.
    Rare water and oil cooled core with 360deg thrust bearing and heavy duty shaft.
    K28 turbine housing, 23cm, with single scroll T6 inlet and 6 bolt outlet.
    K28 quick response 12 blade 72mm exducer turbine wheel (81mm inducer).

    Garrett GT4288 700bhp+ T4 twin scroll turbo Spec:

    Huge alloy 0.72 A/R Garrett compressor housing with 4in inlet and 2.5in v-band outlet.
    88mm 6+6 blade compressor wheel with 65mm inducer, capable of 700bhp+ on the right engine.
    Heavy duty oil cooled center core with 360degree thrust bearing.
    1.28 A/R twin scroll turbine housing with T4 inlet flange and v-band outlet.
    72mm exducer (82mm inducer) high flow 10 blade turbine wheel.

    Looking to change injectors now the options i have top feel fuel rail or Denso Side feed injectors. My question is Are the Denso/ Sard injectors any good. Found a brand new set and just want to know if they are ok?

    If a top rail feel is better, is the fuel rail easy to fit?

    Also got the below taking up space, free to anyone that wants them. Postage will be between 5 and 10 quid depending on item but actual items free.
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