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Thread: Brake squeal on reverse

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    Brake squeal on reverse

    Hi. Getting supra back on the road after a few years of not really using it, so a few things in the process of getting sorted out.

    Recently had new toyota rear discs and pads (UK spec) fitted and the car is making a horrible squeal in reverse only. Garage suggest I need anti squeal shims but don't think ever needed those before.

    Anyone else had this and / or any ideas?


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    If new rear discs have been installed, then make sure your handbrake shoes have been adjusted accordingly. Sometimes the extra meat on the new discs can make contact with the handbrake shoe. I have seen this before with a car going into reverse, so shoe may need loosening slightly?

    If your rear brakes have no squeal shims then they may be correct and it just needs a set of those. You can see on this page, the part numbers for the shims in case you need to get some

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