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Thread: 1998 Toyota Supra TT RZ-S Auto

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    1998 Toyota Supra TT RZ-S Auto

    Make: Toyota

    Model: Supra RZ-S

    Year: 1998

    Facelift: Yes

    Mileage: 186,926kms (116,150 miles)

    MOT remaining: 6 months (10/10/2019)

    Service history: Yes

    Car's location: Lincoln UK

    Modifications: None

    Good bits: Originality, totally unmodified

    Bad bits: Paint - Please see description

    PRICE 16,000

    Time has come to sell my 98 TT Auto, a car I love deeply, but I've happened across another Supra that I want more, and I cant have both.
    Imported through Jurgen and Aarin at JM in 2017, I have driven the princely sum of just under 4,0000kms in it. It's wonderful, its lovely, its quiet, smooth and comfortable, everything a Supra should be.

    Good bits - It drives like a new car, I've driven cars half this age that feel worse. The engine is Swiss watch quiet, the suspension is silent in operation, the gearbox shifts smoothly and sweetly, Both turbo's come online and pull hard as they should.
    It's got a good spec, LSD, 17" wheels with big brakes, active aero, Pure Sports mats, even has the stock CD auto changer in the boot, folding mirrors, ice cold A/C as well. Supra handbook and Japanese service history included plus JM's service book filled in by me.
    It is, to all intents and purposes, 99.9999999% unmodified, the only mod is the stereo and speakers because the were all shot. Both cats in place, stock exhaust, air box, suspension.

    Bad points - Paint. At some point in its history it was blown over in Japan. But it seems Hiroshi didn't do his prep work properly, so there's some blooms coming up under the paint, particularly on the boot but theres other areas of concern. Some person with no integrity, who shared my unit, dropped something on the bonnet which pissed me off immensely, theres other chips and scratches. Might sound scary but, as you can see from the pics, it looks spectacular until you get to about 3ft from the car. PLEASE COME AND VIEW THE CAR.
    The rear bench is faded due to the sun, likewise the boot blind is pretty ropey. The boot remote opener pops the boot but not enough to open it, the analogue clock doesn't work but included is a hard sought working spare
    Valve stem seals will need doing in the future, its an engine thats done 115k miles so to be expected, I use the car once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks, sometimes you get a puff of smoke, sometimes you dont. And I mean a puff, not a 5 second smoke screen. Just listed in the interest of clarity.

    Things that have been changed - Rear shocks, genuine Toyota radiator, brake discs all round, cam seals, various hoses due to condition and brittleness, the cam belt appears to have been done very recently too. Please see my project thread for info :-!-(sort-of)

    In summary - It's a fantastic car owned and maintained by myself, a huge 2JZ aficionado, if you spent a couple of grand on it I truly believe you'd have one of the finest cars in the country.
    I expect anyone who's going to spend that much on a car to at least call me, better still view the car before offering me a derisory amount of money. I expect a bit of kiss and cuddle before you pull my pants down.
    I have a ramp if you want to get under the car, I hope the pics I've attached are good enough though. There's a Flickr album with lots more in here -

    Finally the price, if its too high let me know please.

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