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Thread: Track day advice

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    Track day advice

    Hoping for my first track car this year and wondered if anyone could give some advice on the best/cheapest way to get it to and from the tracks.

    Looking at a rwd with cheapish spares so leaning towards an E46 330ci, probably one thatís been used for track before so would be modded. This would be a 5-6 events a year thing so not sure if small (legal?)trailer is the best/cheapest way as i donít need another road car. Towing capacity should be ok for 1700kg.

    Tried google for an hour tonight and didnít get much on the to and fro journey element.

    Thanks in advance

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    Track day advice

    There is a track car owners thread on here. Good way is to find a friend who does track days and go along to one of the days to see whatís what and ask questions.

    Do you need help with car choice and car prep or more how a track day works?

    Opentrack/Javelin/Bookatrack/Trackdays/MSV/Gold Track

    Days are cheaper in winter £99-275 in summer £150-500

    Track name and area (ish)
    Donington (Derby)
    Oulton Park (Cheshire)
    Three Sisters (Wigan)
    Mallory Park (Rugby)
    Rockingham (Kettering)
    Bedford Autodrome
    Curborough (Lichfield)
    Anglesey (North Wales)
    Caldwell Park (Lincoln)
    Bruntingthorpe (M6/A14)
    Kendrew Barracks
    Brands Hatch (SE)
    Knockhill (Edinburgh ish)
    Pembrey (South Wales)
    Castle Coombe (Wiltshire)
    Croft (NE)
    Thruxton (South)

    Cheap as chips? Clio, MX5

    For car Ideas go like the Track Day Organisers Facebook pages and they will have photos of every car attending every event so scroll through

    RWD or FWD?/ Cost of parts/ availability of parts/ easy for you or cheap mechanic to work on/ Manual/ Engine size, power is of interest but handling more so

    Basic upgrades: brake fluid and pads maybe clutch fluid, service, check everything is good with suspension
    Next upgrades: seats, harnesses, cage, diet, coilovers, ARBs endless opportunities for throwing of money

    Trailer: each to there own yes people do trailer them or you can rent a trailer each time quite cheaply I have heard. Saves having a trailer in your drive unless youíve a convenient barn to dump it in. I see it as slightly self preserving knowing I have to drive home in my track car afterwards.

    Insurance: personal preference, becomes an expensive day out to add on insurance every day but look at the cover some in unsure how reliable they would be.

    Breakdown cover: get lifted off track to a side rd and call your normal roadside provider cover to say you hit a rabbit and itís damaged every panel on your car

    There are a few members here who have Supras on track and some members who have other cars - e46 330ci is on here.

    Pm or post up if you need more.

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    I have a kitcar for track use.

    It probably stands me around 4k.

    I cart it around on a trailer, at just 520kgs you can legally tow it with just about anything.

    It is great fun, and a very "pure" driving experience, with no TC, ABS, or power steering, only 155hp (2.0 litre engine out of a mk1 Ford Focus), but agile enough to run rings around most things on the smaller tracks.

    I also had the added satisfaction of pretty much building it myself.

    Looking forward to Anglesey 03rd March.
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    Is your towing capacity 1700kgs ? Whats the train weight ?

    A stock E46 is 1545 kgs, a twin axle car trailer i'd guess is around 400 kgs then add in
    fuel tools spares passengers and you'll be over the train weight let alone the towing weight
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    In addition to MX5 /Clio above I would suggest buying a stock Mini Cooper S. I know it's front drive but loads of fun with less risk of contacting the scenery as you familiarise yourself with track days. Drive to and from the track.
    Once you've done a 'season' - sell the car and upgrade to something more track focused. I have used Javelin without issues.

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    MX5 or a Caterfield, although the latter are costly for what they are. RWD for sure, no sane person tries to make a FWD go fast it's plain WRONG
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    Went for a well maintained manual 330ci in the end for a first cheap go at this. Had the supra around Donington ok last saturday but thought it best to not use it as a first regular track car.

    Got a first track session for 3 hours a week on Monday. Car has braided lines, drilled discs and new dot 4 fluid. Hopefully be ok!

    Plan was to rock up and try a session and make upgrades after that as I go along, got some yellowstuff pads to go on after first session.

    Suppose the suspension is the next area for parts, bushes maybe some bilsteins (although it has standard BMW sport suspension). Didn't want to go crazy on parts as likely swap it for something else if I get into it.

    Any advice on spares and tools to take be appreciated, was planning on taking just enough to change a wheel.


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