Hi all

These will be complete and available for delivery or collection by the 10th December. One caliper now fully completed and painted, currently working on the other.

I have just undertaken a full refurbishment of the front brakes. Firstly, all of the pistons, old boots and seals were removed and then the entire caliper surface was sanded down and thoroughly cleaned out with brake cleaner and an airline before the refurb began. This comprised of brand new piston seals, rubber boots and the c-clips.

All of the pistons have been carefully inspected and meticulously cleaned up using fine wet and dry paper, a Dremel polishing tool and plenty of brake cleaner so they were perfectly smooth and without marring. I have replaced one piston for a brand new one in the completed caliper as there was some small pitting and chipped chrome which couldn't be flawlessly removed. If the other caliper needs any replacing they will be sorted with new too.

All of the bores have been carefully wet sanded, fully cleaned and polished with a Dremel polish head too.

I then proceeded to paint each of the Calipers using the excellent Foliatec Carbon Grey brake paint giving them 2 good coats for coverage and a couple of coats of lacquer with brand new Supra decals being applied.

A final clean of the bores cleaned again with brake cleaner, pistons thinly coated in brake fluid and carefully replaced with all the new boots, seals and clips. The pistons now glide in and out of the bores smoothly. I have also replaced the pad retaining pins with new ones.

At least 6 hours work has gone into one caliper including moving the previously seized pistons. They're now ready to go.

I've done a couple of sets before so rest assured these are done to a very high standard and thoroughly checked over. I'm selling the pair delivered for 470 which considering new these are around 350 each is a bargain for effectively a new set.


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