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Thread: Car sat for 5 years - My plan / Suggestions welcome

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    Car sat for 5 years - My plan / Suggestions welcome

    Hi guys,

    Not been on here in years (5 to be exact) up until very recently as I realised I had to do something about the car.

    Its a 94 TT manual 6 speed BPU and UK brakes

    Firstly lets get this out of the way, I am a complete ****. Left the car to stand outside for 5 years, it didn't move. I honestly never intended to do that but life moved at a frantic pace from buying a house to having a family. I always intended to come back to it, just much sooner than I eventually did. Now I am older, wiser and have the money I need to restore it. Which I feel is my duty now..

    So please judge away on that one, I probably deserve it.

    I have recently moved the car into my new garage and started to get my list together on what I need to do before even trying to turn it over. please comment and let me know if I am on the right lines.

    From this weekend I am going to:

    Full Clean down and have a proper look at any rust underneath - I have had a quick look at it looks like there is some surface rust but I can treat this and can weld if required.
    Empty the fuel tank and change the fuel filter
    Change the Transmission Fluid
    Change the Oil and filter (Read conflicting posts if I should Flush with chemical or just change the oil then change it again once its run for a few hundred miles)
    Change the Coolant
    Change the Spark Plugs
    New Battery

    There is obviously going to be much more with replacing hoses but until I look I don't really know.
    I have read about putting penetrating oil into the cylinders before I turn it over for the first time which I will follow.

    Anything I have missed to start with?

    Thanks in advance
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    So long and thanks for all the fish

    1994 RZ TT BPU 6speed Manual

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