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Thread: My experience with Hidden Performance Ltd. (HP2 Ltd.)

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    My experience with Hidden Performance Ltd. (HP2 Ltd.)

    Please note the following are my own personal experiences. I am only sharing so people can see what I have been through and make an informed decision themselves.

    On the 21st January 2018 I approached Hidden Performance Ltd. regarding an R34 Nissan Skyline that they had for sale with a blown engine. I emailed my requests to have the car completed to the spec I wanted. I received a quote which I agreed to and I promptly paid in full. (Please note I did not request any special prices or discounts, I emailed what I wanted and asked for a price) I then received an invoice that stated an estimated lead time of 5-7 weeks from commencement of project.

    Work on the car began on the 23rd January 2018. After ordering the body kit online I was informed it would not be arriving until early March. This would delay the car slightly but I was told the painter would need it for 8 Ė 10 days to fit and paint the kit.

    To go on the car I bought some 19Ē alloys which I had delivered to Hidden Performance. On the 4th March 2018 I received notification that the new wheels I had bought for the car would not fit as they were hitting on the suspension. I was informed that Iíd need new smaller profile tyres and some spacers to get them to fit. This would be addressed once the body kit was fitted due to the wider arches and measurements needing to be taken.

    On the 10th March 2018 the GTR body kit for the car arrived, I requested for it to be test fitted when it arrived (due to concerns around fitment as itís all fiberglass and they never fit) but this did not happen.

    On the 16th March 2018 I raised concerns that the bonnet pictured on the eBay site for the GTR body kit did not look the same as the bonnet on my car. I was told it was fine and would not be an issue.

    On the 18th March 2018 the mechanical work was completed. My car was run in on your rolling road and the car was ready to go to the body shop.

    On the 22nd March 2018 after chasing Hidden Performance for an update I was told that the car was at Sandwhich Body Repair Centre (the body shop they outsource the work to)to have the kit fitted and be painted. I was informed that the kit was of terrible quality but they would get it sorted.

    I then received a message from Hidden Performance asking me to urgently call regarding the bonnet. Upon calling I was informed that the bonnet was too long and would not fit with the bumper (which I had raised as a concern previously and been told it was fine). After a conversation we decided to cut the OEM bonnet and weld to fit correctly.

    Work on the body kit continued slowly. I would have had to chase Hidden Performance for updates and was constantly reminded about the bad quality of the kit and how much extra work was involved to fit it which I accepted. On the 5th April 2018 I was lead to believe it would only be a further weekís work to fit and smooth the kit.

    On the 10th April 2018 Hidden Performance messaged me to tell me the kit was all on and the car was to be in primmer that day and would be in paint over the weekend.

    On the 16th April 2018 I messaged Hidden Performance as I had not received any communication from. I got a reply stating the car was not in paint and that the painter was still adjusting the body kit. It was then stated Hidden Performance had bent over backwards to help me get the car done cheap as a favor. This is the first time this was mentioned to me, and as previously stated, I never asked for a discount or cheap work. I simply asked for a quote at the start and paid. I received an apology for the delays and it was stated the painter was behind on the project.

    On the 18th April 2018 I was given the number to the painter at Sandwich Body Repair Centre. He would send me updates as and when he could but progress was still very slow. Hidden Performance informed me that James was working on my car roughly 4 hours a day as and when he could.

    I received an update on the 27th April 2018. It stated my car was getting there slowly. I asked when it might be ready for paint. I was told there were still a few fiddly bits to do but I would see some real progress the following week.

    On the 30th April 2018 I messaged the painter asking for an update. I raised my concerns that the car was a month overdue. He confirmed he was only working on it for 4 hours a day and that I had to bear with him as he was mainly working on it on his own with no assistance. He told me he had 3-4 days left of body work to do and that it should be in primer by next week.
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