Well it's been a while since I p1ssed off a member on here so thought I'd just come in and p1ss the entire club off, make up for lost time and all that

Anyway, despite the above, this is more of a conversational/debate inducing piece than it may appear.

Yes, I do still love my Supra, I've had 4 of them and over the past 9+ years, I've never been without one, I got my 1st at 19 and now I'm not far off being 30, they have seen me through all the ups and downs, from a fresh faced teen not knowing where he stood in the world with zero responsibilities and living with his parents to someone who.........well, I have my own house now .

Back when I first got mine, the Supra was in a league of it's own, it was fast, it still looked up to date to a degree, people loved them and due to the tune-ability it had every quick car trembling when one appeared, there had only been 3 Fast and Furious films and modified Japanese cars still had some kudos to them, but the worlds moved on.

I cling onto my Supra for one reason, nostalgia of what once was, but what actually makes people want a Supra these days? Speed? Buy a GTR, hell, an Audi RS6 Avant will destroy most singles with a remap. Looks? Subjective, but let's be honest, it's no Ferrari, imo the RX7 has always been a prettier car. Iconic? maybe, but no more than the RX7, classic Impreza, Skyline and really, it's the R34 GTR that holds the torch on that one. Handling? spend a chunk and it's alright at best.

There is just a lot of cars that are better straight out the box in nigh on every department and can even be used as daily's with ease.

So, my question to you, why do you like the Supra? Where does it even fit in?