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Thread: James' 1997 RZ VVTi T88-34D Single Turbo - Respray and new CCWs [pg 32]

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    James' 1997 RZ VVTi T88-34D Single Turbo - Respray and new CCWs [pg 32]

    Having owned my first Supra - a 1994 040 Super White II SZ NA-TT W58 5 speed manual - for almost 4 years, I evaluated whether I should continue to work with what I had and opt for a 6 speed conversion and eventually single turbo conversion on the car, or to shop around. I decided to make the decision to cut my losses and search for a new car.

    I spotted a lovely 1998 VVTi RZ-S with a T04Z turbo kit and an astonishingly low 13k miles available in Japan that Jurgen posted up. I dwelled on the car for quite a while and eventually decided to go ahead and put a deposit down on it. Getting in contact with Jurgen, we got the ball rolling. Sadly, the car had actually sold in Japan a day or 2 before we could secure it and it wasn't to be. Having already committed to a new car of such a spec, I decided to leave my deposit in Jurgen's hands and find myself another car. Keeping in mind how high a standard I had chosen initially, it would have to be something pretty special for me to want to pull the trigger again. I was determined though! I browsed through a number of sites for cars available in Japan and finally spotted another car. It was a 1997 RZ 6 speed VVTi with a GReddy T88-34D turbo kit.

    I have probably driven Jurgen up the wall with my countless questions regarding this car, but I wanted to make sure that I was buying the right one and getting everything absolutely perfect with it.

    I am in fact unsure of the full spec, but will soon find out once the car arrives in the country. What I do know is that it has the following:

    • GReddy T88-34D Single Turbo Kit
    • HKS F-Con V Pro ECU (tuned by HKS Kansai)
    • Defi DSSC Dash
    • GReddy Profec B Spec-II Boost Controller
    • FMIC (I can only assume a Trust/GReddy)
    • Tein Coilovers (model yet to be determined)
    • Recaro fixed bucket driver seat(someone can surely inform me of the model)
    • OEM Recaro Confetti passenger seat
    • Ridox Front Bumper
    • OEM Sideskirts
    • 17" AVS Alloys (I don't know the model)
    • UK Spec Brakes
    • Blitz Nur Spec exhaust
    • SARD Decat

    I figure that with the T88-34D turbo kit it will have suitable sized injectors, fuelling setup, possibly cams etc. I will find out in due course.

    As far as the wheels and bumper, I wasn't a fan of either. I like the Ridox front, but would want the full kit if I was going to have it. The wheels just aren't my thing in the slightest. Following some discussions with Jurgen, it was decided that I will supply him with an OEM facelift front bumper which will be painted and fitted in place of the Ridox offering. Further to this, the wheels will be coming off in favour of a set of my dream wheels - CCW Classics. The spec of which are:

    • 18x10 front, 18x11.5 rear
    • Fully polished finish
    • No Swiss
    • CCW branded centre caps
    • 3mm spacer, lug nuts, mounting and balancing as per provided package
    • Toyo R888 285/30/18 and Toyo R888 315/30/18

    The car will also be undersealed and fitted with a Thatcham approved CAT1 alarm system on arrival.

    A couple of parts I have already purchased (they were for my White Supra before I decided to go down this route) will be fitted once I get the car back home - an APR HKS Kansai Carbon Fibre Splitter and a Shine Auto Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser. They should set off the front and back perfectly. I also have some Top Secret (replica) skirts, but I think I'll give the OEM skirts a go to begin with as I think they will work well with the Kansai lip in terms of styling similarities.

    Unfortunately, we missed the boat at the end of April as it was a little late in being finalised at this end so there wasn't time to get everything sorted overseas, though it will be on the boat at the end of this month and should be ready for collection in July if I'm not mistaken

    I have a few pictures at hand from the original advert and also some that Jurgen sent me from the dock. Here they all are:

    Roll on July!
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    looking good mate! new set of wheels n id say thats perfect
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    Nice one dude!

    Will look awesome with the CCW wheels! I can see this being a very beautiful supra!
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    will you sell me the ridox front bumper when you swap them over mate?

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    Looks good, should look amazing once you've done the finishing touches. You keeping the current wheels as a spare set, or fitting some drag tyres to them?

    Had any thoughts about getting matching seats for it?
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    I have a particularly nice pair of recaro's for sale! If you're interested PM me and we could have a deal.

    Lovely car, bit weird having a turbo that can push more power than the vvti block can handle though. You'll have to be careful if you're intending on upping the boost.
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    Can't wait to see it mate.
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    love it!

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    Very nice mate

    I was really interested that black Supra Jurgen advertised with the 13k on as well but I had to sell mine and well .. It just never happened.. Was a shame as it was stunning

    Going to keep with mine for a little longer

    Looks like a great buy you have there mate

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    Nice purchase and I'm really liking the plans you have for it. Congrats

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    Looka awesome James. CCWs and it'll be tip top
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    congratulations mate. what speedo is that? looks different..........and rather cool

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    Cool mate, you will love it
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    The first car you mention was the one bought by Global Auto? Lovely black one with Advan wheels?

    I wanted that too, but like you I found it had sold

    July couldn't come quicker I bet!
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    Very nice mate, that will look cool with CCW's.

    Will the 18 x 11.5 with 315/30/18 fit under the stock rear arches? That is the size I would like but still undecided and waiting to ask the question.
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