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    Gorilla glue


    What is my car worth?

    Best money I can get to be honest as I donít need to sell but just donít want it going to waste

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    Emanage Ultimate

    Yeah I take them. Thanks

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    What is my car worth?

    I viewed 1 around 6months ago. It was priced at £11k. So prices will vary. What sort of money do you want for it?


    Brave the shave

    I decided to do this to hopefully raise a bit of cash for MACMILLAN cancer support

    If anyone can spare a £ or two it would be greatly appreciated,


    52mm gauge In analogue clock position

    Facelift is 60mm, I bought a 60mm gauge to fit in mine.
    You could try Burna, he's advertising some options of vents to house both sizes of gauge.

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