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    Wheel identification

    Hi guys,

    Long shot - but can anyone help identify what these wheels are in this picture please?

    I've currently

    Jak jak

    2020 Calendars!

    We'll take a couple again. Loved this year's. Pride of place at home and at work.

    David P

    Na-t bws360

    It's not so much the distributor, it's the 10:1 compression that restricts boost to 1.3bar max before pre-ignition becomes a problem.


    Andy Ven

    Oem clutch parts

    Hey mate, by adjustment is out, do you mean when you press the brake pedal that it doesn’t disengage? If thats your issue then sounds to me like your


    Na-t bws360

    You can get the HKS ignition amplifier and run all the horsepower you want ...but I'm going bolting a vvt-i head on my non-vvti bottom end, coil on plug

    T2 MSW

    Aftermarket parts for sale

    All items purchased booked in for posting, items further reduced

  • Supra Garage

    n/s rear view supra in west of scotland sunshine (a rare commodity Twin towers of sheffield before being demolished shoddily I add