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    Supras In Vegas 2019

    Hey guys, picking this thread back up. Anyone going to this?


    Supra T/T 1996 auto

    I have grown up with a supra. I love them lol. If I sold I would be priced out the market if I wanted another one. Which I know would happen!. This a


    Supra T/T 1996 auto

    i had the same thing with my m3 - took cleaning it up and watching someone else drive it to make me want to keep it.

    3 months later, back


    Cat back exhaust / 1st decat / 2nd decat

    Would the decat pipes fit a vvti?


    Supra T/T 1996 auto

    I was offered 17000 2 k lower than the asking price. Got a fresh mot today. I did a grand total of 312 miles in a year. Must try harder lol


    Supra T/T 1996 auto

    Good man, just make the effort to use it a bit, or clean it excessively etc. I think there is some malaise in the market, perhaps even a bit of seller

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