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    East Supra meet up.

    The car park is quite large and spread out so I suggest keeping to the right hand lane once in off the slip road then take your first right and head to


    Intermittent 6k Rev limit??

    Manual ecu would work. I had this problem when I fitted an auto tt lump to my N/A years ago. There's wire on the engine loom that you can cut to cure


    How did you decide what Supra to buy?

    Yes looks a lot different to when my dad and I last saw it, Looking stunning Naz.

    Im sure you've got a few more plans for it yet.


    Scott M's Supra Build Thread

    Not quite but now that you mention it, the gym wouldn't go amiss

    The rear subframe looks like it's spent a year underwater so that will

    Marcus GTE

    Scott M's Supra Build Thread



    Intermittent 6k Rev limit??

    Have you tried using a manual ecu? I did the conversion using the auto loom a bypassing the neutral start position switch and it was fine with a manual

  • Supra Garage

    Current look of the car 30.04.2009, aberdeen Celica