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    Kids ride in toy Supras

    Yeah I remember Al posting up a pic but don’t think he knew of anywhere now, it’s a good shout though il message him incase cheers


    Cd changer for UK spec.

    I’ve got a UK spec CD changer and dash controller (74807) - happy to send you some pics and more information via PM or Whatsapp


    Cd changer for UK spec.

    That looks completely different than mine, is it off a UK spec. Cheers.


    Cd changer for UK spec.

    I'm just about to go offshore but remind me in 2 weeks. Would have to be sold as seen I'm afraid as I bought it second hand and haven't plugged it in


    Heater matrix pipes part numbers

    Instant heat in the winter would be very nice for sure[emoji4].
    I rang Toyota today and the heater pipes are still available so have ordered new


    Joined long time ago - looking at Supras seriously now!

    Just a picture from each side above the cluster would be cool just as a reference

    Is always good to see another white supra

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