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    Strange engine noise

    The same sound here - Tipronic 1997 everything stock. What about whistling from turbos´ shafts???


    UK spec rear calipers

    I'm after a set of UK spec rear calipers, I will arrange pickup if needed, cash waiting. Thanks

    Peter P

    FOUND: blitz technospeeds 18” good supra sizes

    Thanks mate. Only issue I have is whether the offsets will fill the arches? He took them off an R33 GTR he broke as it was rusty.



    FOUND: blitz technospeeds 18” good supra sizes

    Don't tempt me!! I don't have space on my drive/in my garage for a fleet of Supras though!! Lol



    I was getting high on hopium for a hot second... unfortunately, it didn't last long and I came crashing back to earth.


    AEM EMS v2 for 2JZ-GE

    Sold mine recently for the same price. Good ECU, I ran circa 500bhp through mine and could have gone further still.

    Good luck with sale

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