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    Finichi Firenze 19 Wheels Staggered *RARE

    Bump... Open to offers!


    What is my car worth?

    Thanks for the reply’s. underneath is solid, the job on the sills is alright but not the best

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    52mm gauge In analogue clock position

    Depends on whether your car is a facelift or not as the clocks are different sizes. I think one is 52mm and the other 60mm but can't remember which way


    R154 diff recommendations

    I broke my open NA diff at 420hp. I hope my LSD will hold to the new horsepower. Mapped in next few weeks!


    What is my car worth?

    More detailed pictures would help as you mentioned the rear sills have been replaced, what is the rest of the underneath like before underseal?


    What is my car worth?

    14 to 16k . If your decide to sell consider selling it to a club member. I think is a shame to have these cars sat in a collector's garage.

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