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    Spa and Crazy Num

    More impressive than Nurburing, what tyres did you have on the wheelbarrow carrying your balls!!




    Just have to monitor the coolant closely, you'll be having to use the heater a lot in the coming months so you'll notice a loss of coolant of cabin heat.


    BMW guru's

    Cheers for the info chaps


    BMW 330 Ci M Sport Convertible

    You ought to advertise that it comes with 'full forum history' by the looks of it...

    Frank Bullitt

    Rear seat release knob snapped

    Loosen the back of the seat from inside the boot space. I think it's held in place with five nut type screws along the bottom. You should be able to access


    Rear seat release knob snapped

    The knob that you pull to fold down the rear seats came off, looks like it was a problem because the knob was attached to the mechanism with string. I'm

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