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    Lee P

    Lexus V8 filter /supra TT filters

    It should still go on, will be tight for space


    Garlic press

    Yes i know that but as the seller says you can press the whole clove and the skin stays behind in the press
    i thought i'd see how well it did


    Nuisance calls

    Even if it's a pre-recorded message, they are still getting your details from a database somewhere I would have thought. So if you register your numbers


    May meet

    Sorry unable to make this one

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    GR Heritage Parts Project- (new mkiv parts!)

    Great news! With any luck more manufacturers will follow suit. With tighter and tighter regulations on new cars, it probably makes business sense to keep


    Garlic press

    Please tell me you realise that's what the little black tube thing is for?

  • Supra Garage

    Outside the garage after startup 2008