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    Supra 7500 Wanted

    At 7.5k I'd have thought the longer you hold out the less likely thing are to happen.


    North East - Weekly Wednesday Meet (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

    Looking to reignite the weekly meet so any new members from the NORTH EAST (in the last couple year or so) that havent been before drop me a pm for location/time


    Supra 7500 Wanted

    Thanks for the PMs everyone, I've had a few offers but holding out for the right car.

    Fingers crossed it'll soon appear [emoji1303]

    Jak jak

    Monthly Meet

    Hi, it's been ages since we have held a monthly meet. Is anyone free on a Tuesday night either 3rd, 10th or 17th September before the Supra's hibernate


    TOM's C7R Allows / Toyo R888

    Pm you

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    Oem Sideskirt fitting

    When I swapped mine over I replaced all the original screws with 12g x 5/8" plated hex head self tapping screws then I used M5 stainless nut &

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    Supra on 19s my baby 4 Supra