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    Power steering grinding

    Cheers rider, that link looks very cheap as I was told the pump is around £700 from Toyota! I wonder if it is missing anything

    Looks like

    Chris Bailey

    Replacement Coil packs??

    OEM all day!


    Oem gte pistons and rods

    Not really mate. I've got 2 good ones and all the other pistons will have some minor marks. I'll take another look and photograph the best ones for you.


    Replacement Coil packs??

    Do you have a part number for the denso coils?

    I can Google it but be handy to know if there's a particular variant you could confirm was

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    We are thinking of selling our Impreza that we’ve had for 15 years now. Well looked after, loads of receipts for mods and tuning. Much loved car - just


    Replacement Coil packs??

    Someone was talking about oem denso buddy, can be ordered directly from them and cheaper than toyota.

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