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    Supra Window switches

    I'd take a punt at 74231-14120 with securing clips 90164-40068 and 90468-05120. though i fear its discontinued.


    Suspension Bushes

    Hi all, I have my car booked in for an underneath restoration beginning of November and I'm starting to gather bits for the job.

    I know


    Power House Racing Single Kit


    Apologies if Iíve missed something - I have searched, but has anyone had the:
    PowerHouse Racing S23 kit fitted to their car?


    1993 Twin Turbo 6 speed 58k miles

    You can use, legally, the large motorcycle size rear plate. That covers the hole, just. I've never seen a front plate mounted in the air intake before.


    Speedo cluster needles

    SMD board is for illumination. It's a small round board with SMD LED emitters on them like THIS.


    Supra Window switches

    Still cant find this part number, can anyone help?

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