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    21/04/07 Supra Pod 2007 #2

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    1000+ 2JZ build

    I know, I know

    My thinking was more along the lines of if I'd had a TT block with them in the first place then I'd have kept them without


    1000+ 2JZ build

    That sounds a lot more manageable to be honest. If only we had good fuel over here then we wouldn't be having this conversation


    1000+ 2JZ build

    Lee is a good guy to speak to


    1000+ 2JZ build

    Thinking to use a max of 9:5:1 Manley pistons now with Manley tuff rods after speaking to lee.

    Which was the original thinking anyway, lee


    1000+ 2JZ build

    The compression is indeed really interesting. Maybe I need to draw through some build threads and see what CR some of the higher builds have used.


    SClub mkivsupra.net Summer Party, on Saturday 27th July 2019

    If so can I have their meat

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    Love my toys Dyno Plot from SRR - Stock Cams 1.4bar