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    NA Auto ECU

    After a working NA auto ECU, picked up a vvti tt auto ECU for my mates supra recently for 100 so not expecting silly prices for a NA one please.


    Wanted full set of Silicone hoses

    Decent quality silicone hoses. Thick ply...moulded to shape. I have the non turbo kit in blue on mine and they seal and fit nicely. I used the spring


    Fuel Pressure regulators and fuel filter

    yes please pics would be good

    Andy Ven

    Conrod big end bearing sizes

    So as an update, i have been in touch with ACL. I gave them my specified sizes off using the numbers stamped on the rods and on the crank. They recommended


    1000+ 2JZ build

    I know, I know

    My thinking was more along the lines of if I'd had a TT block with them in the first place then I'd have kept them without


    1000+ 2JZ build

    That sounds a lot more manageable to be honest. If only we had good fuel over here then we wouldn't be having this conversation

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    Inside my baby COLD FEED PIPE