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    Which Dash Cam?

    I've got a Nextbase 312GW in my daily after too many near misses. Had it a couple years now and no issues at all with it.

    It has a very good


    Nathan's NA Build

    2k clear coat will provide some protection but will be broken down over time from salts and water. With the galvanising...2k epoxy and 2k clear thats


    What to check when buying a Supra

    Thanks for the info!

    David P

    Which Dash Cam?

    The High Street in my home town is only just wide enough for 2-way traffic and there is permanently a line of parked cars along one side.


    Nathan's NA Build

    Cheers mate.

    Coat the subframe? Could I just clear coat as is - I think the chrome/silver looks awesome would hate to cover it!


    Nathan's NA Build

    Nice work bud. Make sure and coat it properly, give it a good 2k epoxy primer...base and 2k clear to. Followed by waxoyl. Best bang for buck

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