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    Front top mounts

    Seems quite a number of purchases turn out to not quite what they are hoped to be. I'm sure its only a small percentage of all sales that disappoint but


    2020 Calendar - Order List

    1. Blythmrk x2

    2. charlton x2

    3. MrGRT

    4. Supra-love x4

    5. Mwilkinson x 2

    6. samdale

    Chris Wilson

    Big problems shock absorbers Bilstein B6

    DO NOT cut the bump stops. The car should never be on the bump stops except in extreme situations, like a hump backed bridge taken far too fast, if there's


    Code 42 cable fix

    Simply bypasses the buffer circuit in the odo, some think that code 42 and occasional shift problems is caused by this circuit malfunctioning/dry joints,

    Project Blitz

    2020 Calendars - Call for Entries

    OK let me speak with Lee to see if he has higher quality ones.

    I've just done a photoshoot with mine but the pics I wont be able to get yet


    Front top mounts

    I'm after a front top mount. Bought some off here a while ago and just come to fit them today and noticed the threads are stripped off

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