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    52mm gauge In analogue clock position

    Facelift is 60mm, I bought a 60mm gauge to fit in mine.
    You could try Burna, he's advertising some options of vents to house both sizes of gauge.


    Is this forum getting smaller?

    Jake's hit the nail on the head really. I feel sorry for anyone that's been trying to organise a large event for the UK Supra community over the last


    R154 diff recommendations

    So I might just use the A02B for safe side
    Thanks for your info [emoji6]

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    Is this forum getting smaller?

    Short answer yes, its definitely getting smaller and will continue to do so imo, I think we have passed the point now that a revamp will help.


    Turbo Kit for sale on Fleabay

    Update for anyone interested: spoke to the guy and apparently eBay kept knocking the price down automatically and he didnít have access to his account

    Ross k

    R154 Conversion Parts

    message sent potentially intrested in the all the parts

  • Supra Garage

    My supra prepped for respray Dyno printout