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    BPU Limits

    Injectors may be your limiting factor? but then maybe something can be done with the fuel pressure? outside my knowledge really, but I do remember as


    Wiper arm question.

    I think you need a wiper arm removal tool, I tried just undoing the nut and tweaking mine (I think I'm one spline out on the passenger side - it sticks


    NA Running issues

    Have you checked your ecu for leaking caps, a lot of people are starting to get this issue due to age. There's a post on the forum about this somewhere,

    Chris Wilson

    Big problems shock absorbers Bilstein B6

    I want to see them ON THE CAR before machining anything, something very odd here. How much compression is on the rear springs when fitted woth the dampers

    Jak jak

    Mkiv Supra reveal on prime TV - Supra's needed

    You’re kindly invited to take part in ‘Goblin Works Garage’ filming at Three Sisters Circuit, Three Sisters Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield,


    Big problems shock absorbers Bilstein B6

    Alas i don't. the car came with a random set of mismatched coilovers in the boot, but already sat on the bilsteins.

    Odd that there's so

  • Supra Garage

    It\'s getting cleaner