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    New setup advice, 800whp

    Thanks again.

    My end goal if I were to do the bottom end would be a healthy 1000fwhp. I also want to raise the Rev limit to at least 8000rpm

    Andy Ven

    New setup advice, 800whp

    Style is right. It all depends what you are targeting, and if you are futureproofing. Standard manley h beam rods are built to handle 1200hp @flywheel.


    Rear passenger side hub assembly for large breaks with ABS sensor

    I have a pair fully refurbed sat on a shelf


    What to check when buying a Supra

    Quality lurking! 7 years between first and second posts

    Hope you are in a position to get one finally if you need any further specific


    Project mx5- Ruby

    Thanks mate I do like them but am finding they sit a touch higher. So thinking of trying to fit my recaros I have in the garage.

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    Project mx5- Ruby

    Found myself a jetstream type 1 wing which I gave a quick aerosol and fitted. Decided I prefer this one to the curvier one I bought the other week

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