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    New Top Gear

    Ha - no Rider. I took it off sale a while ago and have been enjoying tinkering with it. The whole TG thing was
    random and ironic really as this

    Marcus GTE

    New Top Gear

    Fantastic, canít wait to see it and interesting insight


    crank postion sensor failing symptoms

    Hi Tom thanks for the reply , when you say slowly broke down what do you mean , it just would cut out more and more until one day just gave up?

    Crash Bandicoot

    1997 RZ-S 6 speed facelift hks single turbo

    Make/Model: TOYOTA SUPRA MK4 RZ-S

    Year: 1997

    Facelift: YES

    Mileage: 72,000

    MOT remaining: 15th OCTOBER


    crank postion sensor failing symptoms

    When mine went the car wouldnít start. Slowly broke stoke down. I donít remember ever having a misfire from it

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    Supra MkV launch and updates thread

    lol are you on some sort of secrecy agreement!? How actually was it, what impressed or didn't, how was the GT86, how did the new Supra feel in comparison

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