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    New cambelt kit, water pump and auxilary belts

    I always use the blueprint pumps Chris, been fine so far.


    Spigot rings

    Change 2 kerb side then turn the car round


    Test drive

    I haven't let anyone do a test drive since I had a waste of time idiot rag a 3.0S Capri of mine back in the 80's. Now, whenever I sell a car I offer


    Test drive

    As above I would be driving.


    Tools for stem seal replacement

    Yeah Iíve got the code for them, I was just wondering if anyone had both for sale, Iím probably only going to use them once. Or even if anyone is willing


    Test drive

    I always drive any car I sell and let the buyer sit in the passenger seat. I don’t even give the key over until the transaction is completed

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