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    Soarer/supra manual conversion

    Now days the R154 transmission costs around 1500 GBP just the gearbox it's self! A JZA70 Supra gearbox would be a little more, and a later R154 with a


    Broken Dipstick

    Problem is that the tube is too narrow for a magnet. Would it be easier to pick up through the sump? its due an oil change anyway.


    October meeting

    Sorry peeps Karen and I can't make Tuesday now I'm afraid. Enjoy.

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    Front lower control arm balljoint replacement

    Im waiting for 'blue print copies' to come up as ill go for them, Optimal already produce the front upper ones. As they get discontinued the original


    1997 Vvti 6speed Shell..

    Assume you renegotiated on price then mate given the shell didn't fit sellers description?!

    Looks great in the pics.

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    Front lower control arm balljoint replacement

    Didn't CW look into this a while ago

    Think its new arms to be honest if you can still get them or custom arms like the Ikeya type

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