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    supra front and rear seats

    out of supra rz

    front a cloth, rear bench leather, good condition, all electrics work



    Uk spec glass head lights

    Wifbitz are selling them for 890 so I was thinking maybe selling for half that amount due to being in really nice condition? But just didn’t know


    Uk spec glass head lights

    I think they're discontinued now so got to be north of 400/450.

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    who can help with banner adverts on here????

    who is the correct person to speak to regarding this


    Uk spec glass head lights

    I have a set of 3 year old uk spec headlights and was wondering how much these are worth as Id like to sell them to fund some facelift ones


    Should I?

    Just thought I'd add my 2pence worth here, I been in same boat over years and almost let mine go few times, main reason was lack of use also the running

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