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    Recommend me an exhaust

    RSR possibly, I think they sound amazing


    Recommend me an exhaust

    HKS Super Drager, if you buy one just make sure its not rotten as the pipe is only coated mild steel


    Recommend me an exhaust

    I’ve got the HKS silent hi power and it’s got a nice deep tone but not overly intrusive


    Recommend me an exhaust

    I have a blitz nur spec backbox with both stock cats in place, it's quiet but sounds nice especially at full throttle. Bit droney under 2k RPM though.


    Recommend me an exhaust

    I currently have a Motoria which was on the car when i bought it and whilst it sounds good, its a bit too loud for me.

    About 15 years ago


    Gorilla glue

    I know mate, I have tried a good 5-6 over last few years and the Gorilla is right at the top. Good luck!

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    1st night i bought the car Taken at Masgrat Manor meeting