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    N/A 5spd Manual

    I have one, it isn't black but it is a very nice NA5 and based not too far from you in Lincolnshire.

    No MOT as it's been in storage since

    Frank Bullitt

    Hi stall

    ATF make the best transmissions but they are based in the US.

    Have a read of a recent thread where I have posted some relevant autobox info


    Tyre size help

    Finally got round to checking and the wheels say 17x19 1/2, so Iím safe to assume that a true width of 255 or 265 is ideal? Also what profile would be


    Japfest 2019

    Fantastic bud I will update the list

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    Japfest 2019

    Chris and I are booked in and tickets paid for


    Hit pothole. Now the slip control off & OD off lights are flashing

    Update…… Issue now fixed

    OK, so after being let down on a couple of purchases for a new engine ECU and also being told by a few places they

  • Supra Garage

    when i bought him..